3 easy steps to go!
1. Input order data in in "1.Input order data" area and click on "Calc price" button. Check price in "3. Invoice amount".
2. Select design file specification. Please send your design by email to us.
3. After reading terms and conditions select "Agree" and click on "NEXT" buton.

Product ordered
Product style
Number of colors (Choose from 1 to 8 colors)
Trial product Not needed
Needed(Mandatory over 500PCS order. Delivery:+7 days, Shpping +36.00USD)
Design file type Adobe illustrator file Other file
Silk print on back No silk screen print Silk screen print
When you are ordering "A Pair" product back side silk screen price is for only 1 piece. Please let us know if you order silk screen print for both pieces.
Ordering PCS PC
Show your product and company on our WEB site. Allow us to show your product on our WEB site.
Do not allow us to show your product on our WEB site.    
Design file upload function is now disabled. Please send your design by E-mail.
Specify how you send design file. Send design file by E-mail later.
Specify design file name I sent before. (Input file name.)
File Name:

1) Production set up USD
2) Mold USD
3) Trial product delivery USD
4) Trace USD
5) Silk print mold USD
6) Silk print USD
A Quantity PC
B Unit Price USD
7) Product USD(AXB)
8) Delivery USD
9) Total USD (1)+2)+3)+4)+5)+6)+7)+8))
The amount described above is the amount without remake of trial product if you are ordering trial product. If you wish to change color of product or shape you are required to pay additional cost.
Agree Not agree