How To Order

1 See here for overall our charm production details such as delivery periods, design sending procedure and trial products. Automatic quotation page will give you production price details. Please contact us earlier if you need rush delivery or special assistance. HOTMOBILY can also provide support to create design from scratch.(Requires additional charge) All inquiries should be sent to us at contact* (Change * to @) HOTMOBILY office is located in Japan and production factories in Thailand and China. If you need to talk with us we can be reached at +81-34570-2370. Please ask for English speaker when an operator picks up your call. We are sorry but our office hour is from 10:30 to 19:30 Japanese time. (GMT+09:00)
2 When HOTMOBILY receives design for any reason, either production purpose or just inquiry purpose, HOTMOBILY will send you final product image by email. It is a PDF file and contains such data as products layer structure, 2 dimentional product design, simplified 3 dimentional product view, slit line and list of colors used. A final product image is normally modified by either request from you or our technical requirement from HOTMOBILY. Each final product image has its own revision number shown as _XXX in the end of file name. When you order please let us know which revision number should be used. See sample of final product image.
3 Production cost can be checked here in automatic quotation page. Production cost is basically determined by 2 factors, the number of colors used in a product and the quantities of your order. Rush order production cost can not be calculated in automatic quotation. Please contact us at contact* (Change * to @) for rush order. See here for the detail of rush order. HOTMOBILY also provides PDF quotation. Please ask for it if you need it.
4 If you wish to order after reviewing final product image and quotation please order in HOTMOBILY order page. Please once again make sure your final image modification number, delivery date and production cost before your order. You may order by email by letting us know quotation number and final design image. After HOTMOBILY receives your order we will send you invoice by email. By following the link in email invoice you will be directed to credit card payment screen in PayPal. HOTMOBILY accepts payment by credit cards of VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB and DISCOVER CARDS as well as PayPal.
5 HOTMOBILY will deliver trial product only when you ordered it. Trial product is for you to check your product before mass production. Please check it and let us know your check result immidiately after you receive it. Delivery date of mass production will be delaied if your check result is notified late. If you wish to change only color of product please let us know PANTONE color number, which is PANTONE uncoated. If you can not provide PANTONE color number you will need to send us 4 pieces of paper with your desired color to the following our factory address. These 4 pieces of paper are subsutitution of PANTONE color. Please use EMS, Fedex, DHL or any other courier where your package can be tacked with tracking number.
If you wish to send color paper send it to:

Address :15th Floor, Unit 2B, Chartered Square Building, 152 North
Sathorn Rd, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok Thailand 10500
TEL:+66 (0) 2637 8995

When you wish to change design regardless of small or large, HOTMOBILY will need to remake mold. Additional mold cost needs to be paid before making a new mold. Either you wish to change color or change mold additional trial product shipping fee needs to be paid before HOTMOBILY sends revised trial product. Trial product shipping cost is 30.00 USD.
6 When HOTMOBILY starts production, either trial or mass production, we email [Notice of production start] to you.

=============Sample of [Notice of production start]==================
Order number:ORD_201102021055
Payment confirmation date: 2011 FEB 03
Date of production start: 2011 FEB 03
Expected delivery date(Thailand factory): 2011 MAR 13
Expected date of arrival: 2011 MAR 18
Product ordered: CUSTOM made Key Chains
Design file name: abcde@hotmobily.com_3
Trial production: N/A
PCS ordered: 500
YE control number:

The product will be shipped to the following address

Hot Strap Corp.
ATTN: Mr. John Smith
1 Mobily Road, Akron Ohio, 44304

Please check delivery address, delivery date and design file name used for production after you receive this e-mail. Please contact us immidiately if you find any incorrect data.

After HOTMOBILY completed shipping we will email [Notice of product delivery] to you.

=============Sample of [Notice of product delivery]==================
Deliver to:

Hot Strap Corp.
ATTN: Mr. John Smith
1 Mobily Road, Akron Ohio, 44304

Delivery data:
Delivered date (Thailand): 2011 MAR 13
Expected arrival date: 2011 MAR 18
Tracking number: 110789761279812
Delivery status confirmation URL:

All products are delivered from our factory in Thailand or in China. Due to custom clearance reason please note that there might be unexpected delay for your delivery. Please notify us immidiately at contact* (Change * to @), if you find any damaged product or other problem.