A1. HOTMOBILY.COM is a place where you can order personalized rubber keychains, charms and coasters etc. Our office is located in Tokyo Japan and factory Bangkok Thailand and Guangzhou China. In Japan we sell products to about 200 new customers per year and ships about 350 free samples per year. We extends our service to the United States from 8th February 2012. Sales site to Japan, Hotmobily.jp, has started its service in 2009.
Q.2 What is the material used in HOTMOBILY products?
A2. Our products (Cell Phone Charm Straps, Key Chains and Coasters) are made of soft rubber, which is PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). Most of our products are called, ATBC-PVC (Acetyl tributyl citrate-polyvinylchloride). ATBC-PVC is free of Phthalates plasticizer, which is known as endocrine disruptor. However we still use regular PVC. Regular PVC is not immediately harmful to human beings but please let us know when you allow us to use only ATBC-PVC. In LCD Cleaner Cell Phone Charms top surface is PVC rubber and back surface is velvet. There is urethane foam indide.
Q3. How many colors can be used in a product?
A3. We ask customers to use up to 8 colors in a product. If you wish to use more than 8 colors please contact us before ordering.
Q4. How large can the product be?
A4. Standard size of Cell Phone Charm Straps, Key Chains and LCD Cleaner Cell Phone Charms is 2.8"x2.8" (70 X 70 mm) or less. Standard size of coasters is 3.5" or 3.75" (90mm or 95mm) or less. Products that are larger than these standard sizes can be made but price may be different. Please contact us before ordering.
Q5. What products can be made other than Cell Phone Charm Straps, Key Chains, Coasters and LCD Cleaner Cell Phone Charms?
A5. Rubber tags for business bags, backpacks, clothes and jeans. Badges and key covers have been made before. Please contact us when you wish to make products that are not mentioned in this web site.

Q1. How do I send design ?
A1. Please send your design to "" as your e-mail attachment file. We accept adobe illustrator files (CS3, version 13, or older version files). Trace charge is needed when you send JPEG, microsoft word or other files than adobe illustrator
Q2. Can I get design template?
A2. We provide standard Cell Phone Charm Strap template. Please download from here.
Q3. Do I need to send 2D data or 3D data?
A3. Please send 2D data. Slit lines do not need to be included in your design. Though we listen to your request of layer structure please note that there is also technical limitation for layer structure.
Q4. There are more than 9 colors in a product I want to make. It is said in automatic quotation that the number of colors used in a product needs to be 8 or less. Is it really impossible to make a product with 9 colors or more?
A4. It is typically true that similar colors are used in a product when 9 or more colors are used. In your design 9 colos may look different but there may not be much difference when it becomes a product. We recommed you to use one color for 2 or more similar colors and to have 8 colors or less. If you still wish to use more than 9 colors please contact us ""
Q5. What is maximum size of a product that can be made?
A5. Please refer here for standard maximum size. We do not define maximum size. For example we can make 12"x4" bar mats (mats that are used in bar counter) but can not make trays with same size because it is not rigid enough. Maximum size varies depending on its putpose so please contact us.
Q6. I am considering to make Cell Phone Charm Straps. I understand that production fee is basically determined by the number of colors used in a product and the number of PCS ordered. Does size of product affect to price?
A6. Price is the same when you order product within standard size. Please refer here for standard size. When you order your product that is larger than standard size mold fee and product fee is different. Please contact us for further information.
Q7. I have only hand written design. Is it possible to make products by using handwritten design?
A7. Yes it is possible. If you have only handwritten design we ask you to scan your design and send to us by e-mail attachment. If you do not have scanner please send your design to us and we will trace it for you. In either case trace charge will apply. Traced design may slightly differ from your original design.

Send hand written paper to


When you send your paper design to us please use EMS or other courier service where package tracking is available.

Q1. How can I order product?
A1. Please send your design and QTY that you are ordering to "". We will send invoice to you. If you are not able to use order page for any reason we accept order by e-mail. Send your order to ""
Q2. I am considering to order 100PCS of Cell Phone Charm Straps and I have 2 designs 50 PCS for each design. Will I get the unit price of 100 when I order this way?
A2. When you have 2 different designs, no matter how small the difference is, we will need to make 2 molds and they are considered as 2 separate orders. When you are ordering same design but different colors we calculate unit price based on total number of PCS you order. We may ask for additional charge when you are ordering too many different colors.
Q3. Can I order 1 PC or fewer quantity?
A3. We accept order from 50PCS for Cell Phone Charm Straps, Key Chains and Coasters. 200 PCS for LCD Cleaner Cell Phone Charms.
Q4. Do you issue quotation?
A4. Order price can be checked in automatic quotation page. If you wish to have PDF quotation please send us order details that are listed in automatic quotation page. We will send you quotation before next working day. We are sorry but we can not send paper quotation.
Q5. Do you issue invoice, receipt or delivery note?
A5. Invoice is always issued and receipt and delivery note is issued when you request. All documents are issued as PDF file.
Q6. Will discount be available?
A6. Basically our price is open on our web site and we do not discount. However when you are ordering the same product that was ordered before we will NOT charge basic production fee of 87.5 USD and mold fee (differs depending on product). When you are ordering more than 2,000 PCS we may provide some discount so please contact us. In most cases when your delivery schedule is tight we can not provide any discount.
Q7. I want to see sample before making my product.
A7. We will send free samples. Please let us know if you have request for free sample. (Such as I want red key chains or large size LCD Cleaner Cell Phone Charms etc.) We try to meet your request. Samples are products that were made before and they are not products of your design. If you wish to make sample of your product before mass production then you will need to order trial production and it is not free.
Q8. When my order becomes confirmed order?
A8. Following 3 items MUST be completed to confirm your order.
1. Email showing your intention of your order
2. Your final design is confirmed.
3. Full payment to your order is completed.

Your order is NOT confirmed when one or more item above is not completed. Refund after cancellation may vary depending on production progress. Please refer to order cancellation in terms of service.
Q9. How will products be delivered?
A9. Each product is packed in a opp bag without extra charge. 100PCS of products are packed in a large size bag and bags are packed in appropriate size cardboard and shipped.
Q10. I am considering to make products with 2 different colors for the same design. How will my production fee be calculated?
A10. For example if you are ordering completely same design of 2 different colors, 50 PCS for red and 50PCS for blue, your order is considered as 2 colors and the unit price the one of 100PCS. The number of color used in your order is the total number of colors used in 2 types of products.
Q11. I want to see trial product before going to mass production.
A11. Trial production is available. Please refer to about trial production.
Q12. Is silk screen print available on back side of product?
A12. Yes it is possible. Please see reference picture. Order page on this web site can not take orders with silk screen printing. Please contact us bofore you order. Silk screen printing will cost extra charge. The number of color used in silk screen is one color. Back side silk screen printing is suited to mention company name, address and phone number etc. It is not suited for printing complex designs such as 2D barcode. In some products print quality is low and painted faintly.
Q13. HOTMOBILY products have typical rubber smell I do not like it.
A13. Typical rubber smell will go off in a few weeks. Most of free sample products were produced a few months ago and do not have strong smell. However please note that products of your order may have stronger smell since they are shipped right after production. We do not change material without prior notice on this web site.

Q1. Can my order be cancelled?
A1. Refund amount for cancelled order differs depending on the progress of your order.
1. Before order is confirmed
Cancellation is available. If you have completed paymet we will refund after deduting basic production fee and other fee such as design trace fee. Necessary charge to return money by credit card company or paypal will be on your expence. We will not refund by other means such as bank wire transfer.
2. Before mass production
Cancellation is available. We will refund after deducting basic production fee, mold fee, trial production fee (if applicable) and design trace fee(if applicable). Necessary charge to return money by credit card company or paypal will be on your expence. We will not refund by other means such as bank wire transfer.
3. After mass production
Cancellation is not available. We can not refund your payment.

Q1. What is delivery period of my product? How long will it take to have my products delivered?
A1. Please refer to About delivery period in product page.

Q1. How can I pay for production fee?
A1. We accept credit card payment and paypal (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, DISCOVER and Paypal) Since we are located in Japan no other payment is currently accepted. Please contact us if you have question about payment. Please complete payment as soon as you send order to us so that we can start mass production earlier.
Q2. Do you accept payment after delivery?
A2. Since our product is custom made and we can not accept payment after delivery. If you are ordering 2nd time or after and we may approve after delivery payment.
Q3. Do you accept payment in installments?
A3. All payment needs to be made in a lump sum before mass production.
Q4. Do you issue receipt?
A4. We issue PDF receipt if you request. We do not issue paper receipt.