COMPANY DATA is operated by a company in Tokyo, Japan. We have started our sales on in Japan in 2009. In 2012 has started its service to the people in the United States. Our office hour is day time in Japan and we are sorry to serve you mainly by email.

All of our products are manufactured in our factories in either Thailand or China. Your order will directly be shipped to your destination from our factory. We show demo production process on You Tube. If you wonder how our PVC rubber products are made please let us know your You Tube ID or email address. We allow only requested customers to see our demo production process. You may use our contact form to request You Tube movie permission. Please remember that the production movie on You Tube is a demo movie for you to better understand the production process and the actual production line is not the same as the movie.

We understand your concern about ordering your product to a company in Japan. Because of time difference between the United States and Japan we can not take phone calls from you during your office hours. To compensate this negative point we promise the followings. 1)All E-mails are answered within 24 hours regardless of day of the week. 2) We send you sample PVC rubber products, charms, key chains and coasters free of charge to you be express mail (EMS) from our factory in Thailand.

Address S-11, 4th floor, 2-4-32, AOMI, KOTO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, 135-0064
Phone +81-4570-2370 (10:30 - 19:30)
(Phone calls are available during business hours in Japan)
Main business Sales and distribution of promotional PVC rubber products.
Company established July 2006

Address 15th Floor, Unit 2B, Chartered Square Building, 152 North Sathorn Rd, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Phone +66-2637-8995
Main business Design and manufacturing of custom PVC rubber charms, key chins, coasters etc.
Company established July 2007